Getting the Shots: Making Hay in Kentucky

No matter what what crop or what equipment, there's one thing you can count on with our photo shoots: they will not be small. With the equipment, people from the factory to run it, video and photo crews, and all our junk, we're a small circus when we pull up to a farm.  

Which leads to the question- how many guys does it take to change a PTO shaft?


Or to put on front weights?


And you don't even want to know about the number of hair dryers needed to change a decal.


Apparently, just one, so long as it's manly.

We swap out decals to help us get a variety in our images. Lots of times, there aren't visible differences between tractors in a line; the differences are all in the engine. So a quick decal swap will let a 100-engine hp 6100D can stand in for its 140-engine hp big brother.  We pull one decal, clean the tractor, peel the back off the new one, and stick it in place. The hair dryer helps the adhesive stick in place.

Sneaky, huh?

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