Third Rule of Photo Shoots: Little Details Matter

See all these cute little tufts of grass that I've rather sloppily circled here?TuftsThey're stripes of grass that the driver has left standing while he was cutting, which means that they're actually not something we want showing in our shots. Unfortunately, they're also highly-visible and hard to ignore. Technically, they could be removed using Photoshop or editing software, but we'd have to fix every single tuft in every single shot and every single shot, which isn't cheap or fast.

Which means (cue the heroic music) we need a hay stylist!

Sounds exciting, right? It actually just means I get to make sure that the crop is looking as good as the equipment for each shot.

I try bring a weed-eater with me on hay shoots shoots for stripes. Last shoot, though, I forgot. 
Yep, that's a handful of alfalfa that I just picked by hand. I got to pick stripes up and down the entire length of the field. I was thoroughly tired of alfalfa till I was done.

This is my all-time favorite crop-styling shot, though. 

We had a lop-sided bale showing up front & center in our shots, so we stuffed a tool box up against it to keep it looking even. We still haven't let the guy running the baler live this one down…

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2 thoughts on “Third Rule of Photo Shoots: Little Details Matter

  1. Why was the tractor driver missing bits? Wasn’t the tractor equipped with a Greenstar 2 GPS setup?

  2. I hear you!
    They were doing a customer demo while they opened the field, and the farmer doesn’t usually run with guidance.

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