Some Days, I Miss Country Living

We had some nasty storms moving through Kansas City last night. I didn't realize exactly how nasty until I looked out my back door and saw this:


Yep, that's a tree. A decent sized one, too. Good news is that damage is minimal; it missed the house and all the various utility lines. 

And even more importantly, the grill is safe. There will be more burgers in my future. 


Frustrating thing to me is that since I live in suburbia, I have to pay someone to haul it away. Back home, we would have just attacked with the chainsaw and had our bonfire pile ready for the summer. In fact, my parent's house had a wood-burning furnace, so this would have been pretty usual for us. 

Anyhow, thinking of burning yard waste got me thinking of one of my Dad's favorite stories of logic-gone-wrong, too.

There was a condemned property that needed to be taken down in my home town. Police kept reminding the owner and reminding the owner, but it was still standing. 

Then, one fall afternoon, the volunteer fire crew gets a call that there's smoke coming up from the building. Thinking the worst, they head over, only to find the owner standing by with a can of gas. The fire company, understandably, proceeds to read him the riot act.

His response? "Well, it was burn day in Antis Township."

Kind of hard to argue too hard with that…

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