Fourth Rule of Photo Shoots: Things are always heavier than you think

See these cute little weights on the back of a swather?

Swather Weights 

Cute, huh? And each one of the stinkin' things weighs 40 pounds.

I discovered this when the guys asked me to center them. Since they're about the same size as some 10 lb. weights I have at home, I sauntered up, grabbed a hold, and promptly almost dropped the thing on my toes.

I should have known better; farm machinery is nothing if not sturdy. In fact, the factory guys got some very unmanly giggles the first time I asked them if I could stand on the tractor fender to clean something. In my defense, it WAS a limited build machine, and they sometimes still have a few bugs…

I've heard some pretty amazing stories about how tough Deere stuff is, too. One new marketing rep ran a rotary cutter for an entire day with absolutely no oil in it for an entire day before it started running rough. And more than one 200+ pound hog has gone through a chopper without causing the feedpath the slightest problem. 

Makes me really respect the people who are around it full time…and get a little sore just thinking about it.

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