Take Your Parents to Work Day

This week, I've been lucky enough to work a shoot close enough to my parents' house that they could stop by.

Dad and Mom both grew up on farms, and they live on 75 acres (not so small in PA!) where I grew up. They both have "day jobs" in town, but they're definitely both people who wouldn't be happy without lots of space.

Here's Dad watching the video and still photographers work. He's on the left in the hat with a full brim. He fits right in, though.

And here he is getting ready to be a model for some shots. I'm surprised you can't see his grin through the windows.

Here they are trying on one of the tractors (a 5075E) from the shoot. Mom really liked the size of it, but Dad said it was a little small for him. I think sitting in the big 6030 & 7030 the day before might have spoiled him…

Dad was maybe too excited about the large square bales (farmer makes them with a Hesston, so I'm obligated to make a few faces at them). He had me take this picture to send to the high school guys who help him stack small square bales in the summer.


Mom was smart enough to stay out of the sun while she watched. It was 85+ all day, so I would have loved to hide in the shade too. That's a 7430 Premium that she's sitting on.

I'm incredibly lucky to get a chance to show them what goes on during our shoots. Dad and Mom are the reason I'm working in Ag- I never would have ended up at an Ag company if hadn't grown up on a farm. They also taught me to enjoy learning and getting to hear people's stories, something I definitely get a chance to do on these shoots.

Thanks, Mom & Dad! Glad you got to come.

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