Meet My Country Boy


I was about to start a post that talked about my husband when I realized he might need some introduction. See, he was born in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Tennessee, lived in Rice Paddy Country, Arkansas, and went to high school in Small Town, Florida

He tells stories about catching baby hammerhead sharks while fishing in the Gulf and running into manatees in the Suwannee River the way I talk about seeing a white-tail deer- in other words, no big deal. In fact, his first summer job was picking watermelons, which he promises me is far less fun- and far hotter- than stacking hay bales. 

He didn't grown up on a farm, although he lived around them long enough to have some hilarious stories about gators in farm ponds. He has never ridden a horse or driven a tractor, but he does love lifted pickups, country music, and wide open spaces.

And he's cute, too. 

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2 thoughts on “Meet My Country Boy

  1. No way he was born in Paris. It’s about 30-40 minutes away from here and I’ve been there countless times.

  2. Not sure he remembers Paris, but he was born there. His dad worked at the National Wildlife Refuge near there.

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