What’s wrong with this picture?

I saw this ad for Chevy while flipping through the most recent edition of Progressive Farmer.

Then I did a triple-take. Look at the tires. Not only are they incredibly clean for a farm truck, but look at where they're sitting. 


Right on the row. Bu-buy corn, Chevy's coming through.  


Realistically, though, that truck was never in that field. The truck, complete with turned tires, was probably rendered from CAD files. The model, and he's very likely a model, may not have ever been in the field either.  All three may have been created separately and then stitched together in a program like Photoshop to create a final ad. And the person doing it may never have seen a corn field, let alone realized why driving on the crop was such a no-no.

This is why I pick alfalfa by hand and crawl under balers on shoots. Little details end up making a big difference in the final ad, especially when you're talking to people who run your equipment for a living.

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