That’s Some Funny Looking Corn

I have to thank a coworker for sharing this with me, as it seemed only fair after the Chevy ad post

This picture is taken from our sprayer brochure. It's a great shot, and it really highlights the visibility in the cab.

Well, the brochure hadn't been out too long when he got an email from one of the guys at the factory. Somewhere along the line, someone had noticed that the corn in the mirror looked….well, a bit funny.


In fact, it looked an awful lot like cotton.

In this case, it's not a matter of bad retouching. The sprayer was at the edge of the corn field when the picture was taken, as that made it easier for the photographer to get in place. It just so happened that the corn field had a different crop. My coworker didn't try to change it in the final shot because it reflected the way people farm for real.

My coworker explained the story to the guys at the factory, who in turn passed it along to the eagle-eyed person who first saw it. But it just goes to show, one more time, that the details really do matter.

That, and that farmers know their crops.

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