Behind the Shot: Welcome to Waco

Just caught this picture while going through old images. 


Yep, that IS a heart-shaped hot tub. I didn't know those actually exist, but I encountered one in the wild.

Originally, I was supposed to go on a chopper shoot in Corpus Christi, TX. I was all for it, and even thought I might be able to sneak in a long weekend on the Gulf with my husband.

Then I got a call from the factory.

The Corpus shoot fell through. We were going….to Waco.
Where I would be landlocked. Where it would be 100 degrees. Where I would be begging for the last room in the Holiday Inn since a golf tournament was in town.

Where my husband had no interest whatsoever in spending a weekend, heart-shaped hot tub or no heart-shaped hot tub. 

It turned out being a great shoot. The corn was still a little to wet to chop, so the crew had time to spare. We got better shots without slowing them down.


We had a ten-row big drum header, which was so wide we could run two semis behind the chopper. I do realize that most crews have switching trucks down to an art, so they wouldn't really need to do it. Still, it looked cool!

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