Seventh Rule of Photo Shoots: Things Are Going To Break


That would be a very expensive fence post on a very expensive horse farm in a very expensive part of Kentucky that was no match for the loader on the tractor I was driving….

I was looking at the baler I was pulling to get it positioned juuuuust right, and then THUNK! The fence post was a former fence post. The farm manager was such a polite Southern gentleman about it all that he actually complimented me on how well I broke it. 

That's one of the downsides of working with big machines; it's very easy to break things. We actually swap stories around the office, and my little fence post isn't even a contender. One coworker took out a town's new stop light with a sprayer. Another was pulling a planter with a 9000 Series and tore down three or four telephone poles before they managed to wave him down. 

And there was the time a crew accidently took a land plane to a just-planted field by mistake. Rumor has it they were met with a shot gun when they got back from lunch…. 

Fortunately for us, farmers tend to be understanding about mishaps like this. And we do offer to pay for damages and make repairs. In the case of the just-planted field, it was a pretty healthy check. In the case of my fence post, they said it really does happen all the time. 

It's a good reminder, though. It's easy to do some damage around a farm. Be careful out there! 

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One thought on “Seventh Rule of Photo Shoots: Things Are Going To Break

  1. Haha. I too have learnt how easy it is to break things with big machines. While learning to drive our large tractor during our recently completed seeding I knocked plenty of holes in our fences. I guess I’ll have to fix them at some point!

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