Necessary Evil (or, Why Tara hates boom lifts)

I hate boom lifts. Just hate 'em. 


This could have a lot to do with the fact I may be the world's worst boom lift driver. The stupid things are touchy. Most of the time, you control them from the basket, which  means every motion the wheels make is amplified when it gets to you. So a slight turn of the wheels feels much bigger while you're steering.

They're slow, too. The average boom lift has a speed of 4 mph. The really fast ones go 6. It gives you a long time to think about how much you hate driving them as you cross a co 

Boom lifts can be temperamental, too. 
 The starter on this one decided to spontaneously crap out mid-shoot. Repeatedly. We had to bring in a tech from an hour away (on a Saturday, no less) to get it working. 

And boom lifts occasionally stop working completely while fully extended. A coworker has an unsettling story about climbing down the tallest ladder the local fire department could get its hand on with all his camera gear. I'm not afraid of heights, but that gave me the heebie-jeebies.

So yeah, I hate boom lifts. Hate 'em. But even I have to admit they make our tractors look good!

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