Getting There Is Half the Fun

Especially when it almost always seems to involve getting lost. 

Last week, Intern Karoline and I managed to get lost in Chariton, Iowa (population 4,573, total area 3.7 square miles). 34 was under construction, and the detour INTO town was clearly marked. And then…. it wasn't marked at all. 

Of course, considering we were probably the only people driving through town who didn't already know the route, I can see how detour signs wouldn't be a real concern. We did manage to get ourselves out of town without too many U-turns… or getting waved down by the local cops to ask if we needed help. 

GPS usually helps, but even Google Maps gets a little shaky when you get out of town. I drove in circles around McPherson, KS (population 13,770) in search of the local dealership. The map said it was north of town when it was really a few miles south. 

And there was a road in Garden City, KS (population 28,451) that looked an awful lot like a dirt track through a corn field with a street sign added in…

I've been having a lot of fun adding out-of-the-way spots to Gowalla, like the intersection of country roads F & 190 outside of Emporia, KS (population 26,760). I actually even meant to be at that one. 

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