Instant Human, Just Add Coffee

I would like to take a moment and officially apologize to the woman at the front desk of the Fairfield Inn. In the process of checking me in, she made the very routine statement that a complimentary breakfast is served from 5:30 till 9 each morning.
She was definitely not expecting the squeal of delight that I made about that news. It was probably both unsettling and unprofessional.
The thing is, a lot of the time, our shoots start early. Really early. Dawn is a wonderful time to take pictures, with the sunrise bathing shots in golden light.
And to make the most of that light, you've got to have the equipment in position before the sun comes up. And to have the equipment in place, we leave the hotel while it's still dark.
Which sometimes means we leave before they're serving breakfast. BEFORE THEY'VE MADE THE COFFEE.
One particularly early morning, I had to drive past a still-closed Starbucks and two still-closed gas stations on my way to the field. It was horrible.
The 5:30 breakfast virtually guarantees coffee will be ready when I roll into the lobby like a sleep-walking rhino tomorrow morning.
I'm a happy person.
PS- yes, many hotels do offer coffee pots in the room, but it's usually just colored water and scary fake cream. I hold out for the real stuff.

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One thought on “Instant Human, Just Add Coffee

  1. Have you tried the Starbucks Via Ready Brew? I got a free sample and must admit, it wasn’t bad. Of course, you’d have to find some hot, hot water to make it…
    (I was so desperate on Tuesday that I drank the fake Sheraton room coffee – please don’t think less of me.)

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