Baler Chasers

This footage was shot by the fabulous Intern Karoline on our last photo shoot. I left the bumps in so that you could get a taste of the hay field, but you're spared the dust and 100 degree heat. 

To get shots of the windrow feeding into the pickup, we rigged a steadicam to the back of a Jeep and drove along beside it. And to be fair, when I say we, I really mean it was our poor video guy rigged it and then got stuck riding backwards through a bumpy field. He was COATED in hay dust when we finished. I got to sit in semi-air conditioned comfort in the driver's seat. 

I'm not sure if this picture does it justice, but the look of concern and concentration on my pretty much sums up the experience of driving the chase car. In the pass from the video, there's a windrow between us and the baler. In this one, we're between the machine and the row that was just baled. And when you're bumping down a field at 8 mph, that's close. Not quite reach-out-and-touch-someone close, but definitely please-don't-hit-a-hole close. 

IMG_0958 Here we are in action. Notice that I'm not looking where I'm going in this shot. I was dividing my attention between making sure we were pacing the baler, not getting run over, and making sure we weren't going to run into a bale. 

And this is what the field looks like when there isn't a crazy video team in the way. The farmer has won awards for his bermuda grass, and the field was THICK. They were rolling out four or more 4×5 bales from each pass. 

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