Making Hay Bales


One of the down sides of my job is that while I spend plenty of time taking pictures of tractors, I don't get to run them very often. So I was thrilled to have a chance to make some bales as we wrapped up our last shoot. 

To be fair, there WAS a big storm coming in and we had six balers with us. It was all hands on deck- anyone able to make anything resembling a net-wrapped bale was told to pick a windrow and go.

I was actually surprised by how easy it was. We were baling 4-foot windrows with 4-foot balers, so there was no real worry about running up the sides to keep the edges even. I could just drive till the monitor sounded, stop for wrapping, and dump the bale. 

And it was in an air-conditioned 7530. 

Pretty hard to complain.  


Heading past some of my bales on the way out of the field. 

My Bale
 Just look at those square shoulders and solid core. Pretty, huh? 

Especially when you compare it to the first round bale I ever made…


It's a bad picture, but unfortunately, it did that bale justice.

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