All Work and No Play?


So that is a rubber snake that was hidden in the can of John Deere Green spray paint. The spray paint I was expecting on the shoot. The rubber snake was a surprise. 

It wasn't actually intended for me. One of the factory marketing reps hid it under the paint can lid, thinking that another rep who HATES snakes would be the one to open it. Since I was the one who opened the can and snakes don't bug me too much, the prank didn't quite work like she had hoped. 

Except… suddenly, I had a rubber snake. And since neither Intern Karoline nor I are ones to let a perfectly good prank to waste, we relocated it. 

Right to the throttle of the tractor (that's not his arm in the shot) where he couldn't miss it. 

Except….he did. At least twice. I still haven't figured out how. 

So Karoline and I upped the ante for the next shoot. At least we tried. 


When Karoline hit the store, they didn't have any rubber snakes. She had to make due with a rubber lizard-type thing and perform an amputation. 


It turned out kind of snake-like, at least. 

 Kind of. If you didn't look to close. And you squinted. 

Karoline also found a bonus creepy rubber spider. 


We spent the better parts of two days hiding the stupid lizard-snake-thing in various places we thought it would be found. In coolers. In trucks. 


Finally, about 2 hours before the whole thing wrapped up, it finally came together. Right guy. Right cooler. It was all in place. He opened it up, looked in …. and just shook his head.  

So much for that.


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