South Dakota, Take 2


We did it! In spite of all the rain, we got our shots in South Dakota. 

I'm happy to have this one wrapped up. The changing weather meant lots of changing plans, which makes for a tired Tara. 

Few lessons from the shoot: 

1. It's always a good idea to bring a spare pair of jeans. That is one giant rip in the seat of my pants. Fortunately, it happened on the way back to the hotel, and no one seemed to notice. I didn't even realize I'd done it till I went to pull them on the next morning. 

2. I'm in no hurry to ride a motorcycle without a helmet up there. I saw plenty of riders without them, but based on the bugs splattered on my rental car, I think I'll pass.

3. A Toyota Yaris can get from Omaha to Kansas City on half a tank of gas. I was pretty impressed with it as a rental. 

4. Don't take an exit unless you can see a gas station sign from the Interstate. I'm talking to you, Exit 1 in Iowa. I never did find that Casey's Gas Station. 

5. It doesn't matter how tired you are; you probably shouldn't start rapping Vanilla Ice songs in front of your coworkers.   

 6. Even Sturgis-bound bikers appreciate a water slide at the Holiday Inn. 

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