Blame It on the Giant Chicken

Giant chicken statue outside a caterers shop

It's the only excuse I have for my misadventures last Friday. I stopped for a picture because, well, it's a GIANT CHICKEN STATUE! And it's located in Parkston, SD (population, 1,674). And it just looks a touch nervous about being there. 

Anyhow, I was so entertained by the chicken that instead of heading west on the road I'd taken every morning that week, I inexplicably decided to go south instead. 

Fortunately, I turned west before I hit Nebraska. But as I cruised along, I started to notice that things didn't look familiar. For example, a country club. I was pretty sure I'd remember one of those. And the pasture full of Holsteins really stood out compared to the beef cows I was expecting. 

When I ended up on Main Street in Delmont, SD (population 263), I realized I was pretty much lost. 

And since Main Street was closed for repairs, I realized my strategy of "go west until I run into something vaguely familiar" wasn't going to work so well. 

When I mapped it out later, my alternative route didn't look too bad. When I was running late with only a vague idea of where I was, spotty cell phone coverage, and roads with "Minimum Maintenance" cropping up with alarming frequently…. Having a full tank of gas was a very small consolation.  

Fortunately, I ran into a road I recognized before I had to start begging road crews for directions.

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