South Dakota Scenery

I always keep my camera with me on shoots. Sometimes, it's to get fun behind-the-scenes shots. Other times, I just get to shoot some of the beautiful places we work in. 

Standing Wheat in the Field
The farmers weren't to happy with the wheat in this field- it wasn't doing as well as they hoped because they had such a wet year. Still, it looked plenty pretty to me.

Ominous storm clouds
 We were afraid that this storm front would shut us down for good, but we got lucky. There was some dramatic lightening, but all the rain stayed north of us. 

7530 Premium with 568 Round Baler
7530 Premium with a 568 Round Baler. The green paint looks so good with the blue sky and golden wheat that I couldn't resist. 

South Dakota near the Missouri River.
We ended up near the Missouri River one day. People tell me South Dakota doesn't look like this most summers. 

Signs by dirt roads
Road signs as night fell. I was really amused by the Caution signs, because I never did figured out what the alleged danger was. 

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2 thoughts on “South Dakota Scenery

  1. Hey, I just came across your blog and am really enjoying it so far. A random question occurred to me today and I figure you’re the perfect person to ask.
    The John Deere brand (yet not Case, New Holland, etc.) is clearly widely available on t-shirts, caps etc. even in very urban areas. I’ve always assumed that this was simply a way for urban people to assert some sort of rural aesthetic through one of the few ag brands that most Americans would recognize – yet I saw a number of JD mailboxes as I was driving through a genuinely rural part of upstate NY today… Does JD work harder than other manufacturers to promote its brand? Is JD recognized as the premier/most expensive/most technologically advanced of the major manufacturers? Do you have any insight why it’s the only heavy machinery manufacturer that any urban/suburban person is likely to have heard of (well, besides Caterpillar…)?

  2. Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the blog.
    John Deere as a company does recognize how valuable the brand is; from a marketing and trademark standpoint, we do work to protect and promote it.
    But as to how the brand got to be so well-known in the first place, I’d say there are a couple factors. First is that John Deere has been selling farm equipment for almost 200 years under the same name while many other farm manufacturing companies have merged or changed names. It gave people a long time to get to know us.
    Second, we do work hard to build good machines. John Deere once said, “I will never put my name on a product that does not have the best that is in me.” I see a lot of that still today.
    And last, John Deere is lucky to have some incredible fans. They help spread the word with hats, mailboxes, and Facebook groups- and tractors and combines.

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