Harvest Pictures: Ohio

This picture is from Mike Haley of Haley Farms in Ohio. They started in corn on Friday and were seeing about 18% moisture. 

Mike has been posting harvest updates and pictures on his Twitter stream, which is best of both worlds for me- I get to see what's happening without putting in the long hours. I need my beauty rest!

Here's a tuck unloading corn to be dried and stored. Usually, corn is stored with a moisture level of 15%. Any higher than increases the chance that the corn can spoil. 

Haley Farms also raises Simmental Cattle, which means Mike posts pictures of insanely cute calves in addition to his harvest pictures. 

Plus, Mike's a good sport. The post wouldn't be complete without this picture! 

That's Mike sporting a pink John Deere shirt at the 2010 AgChat Foundation Conference. Kelly figured that if she was going to be stuck wearing a pink John Deere shirt, so was he. I still say real men wear pink! 

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One thought on “Harvest Pictures: Ohio

  1. Might I point out that there was a certain John Deere employee that served as both inspiration and motivation for Mike’s pink shirt?
    Great pictures, Mike and Tara! Thanks for sharing!

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