The Good Kind of Crazy Busy

It's a crazy busy week here, but a good kind of crazy busy. That's possible, right? 

First up, the department gets to show off our work to the senior execs in the Ag & Turf Division. They'll be in our office for meetings, and it's a chance for us to show off what we've done during the year. 

And what have we done? Well, it turns out, quite a bit.

Ag & Turf Advertising Display
This is actually just a some a small part of what we've done, but you can see that the display fills the biggest conference room we have. We had to keep crossing of things we wanted to show because we ran out of space. 

Up close, the boards look like this:  Small Ag Displays

We'll also have tv spots running in a loop on a projector and laptops set up to display web campaigns. Which means I get to tell our senior leadership all about the web campaigns we ran last year!! I'm cramming on stats and clicks and views tonight just to be ready. 

If that wasn't keeping me busy enough, I take off immediately afterwards for Waterloo Works. We're wrapping up the Big Buck 4020 project. Chip Foose will be handing the keys be handing over the keys to the custom tractor, and then Chip and the winner will get to spend some time on a Gold Key Tour of the factory. 

I get to tag along because we're going to do a web cast of the event. I plan to stay behind the scenes, but you can watch the event as it happens– 9 AM Central on 9.22. 

Then it's back to the office and back to work on planning for next year. Never a dull moment, that's for sure. 

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