Holy Cow- or Brochure or Folder or Something!

I discovered that this is my last full week in the Kansas City/Lenexa office.  I'll be on a shoot next week and at a training conference the week after… and then starting the new job the week after that.

Which means I need to get my desk packed up pronto. No small challenge, considering that my cube looks like this: 


You mean you don't have stacks of brochures, a few competitive ads, mail you haven't read and a poster of Chuck Norris on your desk? 

IMG_1458 Not to mention a bag of silage, double packed to keep the smell in? It just goes well with my Ertl SPFH. 

IMG_1464I've got my pull-behind hay tools too. Along with trade show cows and a Hephalump I bought in Germany. 

IMG_1471 My factory-edition 568 Baler and NCBA Young Cattlemens' Conference statue don't even fit in the cube. 

IMG_1475And I don't even want to think about what's under my desk. 

IMG_1465 And, of course, there are plenty of pink sparkly ponies. It just wouldn't be my cube without them! 


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