Gator vs. The Walkie Talkie

Disclaimer: This post is with great apologies to the team who worked on the campaign for the new Gator that Deere just introduced. You'll notice I had a different model entirely. I just couldn't pass on such a catchy headline.

With that said, my Gator adventure.

Gator TX 4x2 logo
I spent most of last week chasing a 7530 with a 568 baler through a corn field in a Gator TX. It's not a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Except for the bumps.

And the dust.

And the not-quite-dry spots.

And did I mention the bumps? With as wet as it's been this year, the farmer did have a few spots that weren't quite dry when the combine rolled through, leaving some ruts. It didn't slow down the guys in the tractor, but it about shot me out of the driver's seat of the gator. 

Walkie Talkies in Cupholder
And after a pass with a few extra bumps, I reached for the walkie talkie…and found out that it was no longer conveniently tucked in the cup holder.

Oh no. It was somewhere in this field…. Corn field after combine

Possibly even hiding in a windrow like this: IMG_1534

And a Gator's engine is louder than the sound a lost walkie talkie makes when you drive through a field.

Which means walking. Plenty of walking, for the driver and the poor unsuspecting film crew who happened to be along for the ride. 

Incredibly, we did find it. One of the crew members heard it chirping while we walked and was able to follow it back to where it had fallen out.

And we found a better use for the cup holders, too. Big Bag of M&Ms

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