I’m not in Kansas Anymore….

Des Moines Works
Ok, that's not news, but working in an actual factory instead of an office building may take some getting used to. 

For one thing, you don't get rock star parking at 7 AM here. In Lenexa, I could roll in around 8 and still get a good spot. Here, showing up at 7:03 has me parking most of the way down the row. I know I should view that as a good thing, since walking is exercise and exercise is good, but I'm not looking forward to doing a 100-yard dash in the Iowa winter. 

Plus, safety is taken to a whole new level. My first meeting on my first day was mandatory safety training, during which we covered what I should do if I came across a chemical spill, why you shouldn't wear rings* on the factory floor, and what not to do if I saw someone trapped in a confined space.** 

The biggest hazard I was likely to face in Kansas was a paper cut or boring meeting. Here, I'm shopping for my own pair of metatarsal boots and there are medical professionals on site. You regularly see people in safety gear walking down the hall. 

The factory is BIG too. You could drive right by the old office building and never notice a John Deere sign. This is just a small portion that you can see as you turn off into the driveway. 

Picture 1
Here it is on Google Maps. To give you a frame of reference, I was standing right near where the A placemark is. You can see about half of one building in my shot.

I'm going on a factory tour on Friday. No cameras, but should have a ton to share afterwards. My coworker who offered to take me on the tour asked if I wanted to walk. Looking at that map, I think I'm going to stick to the Gator….

*I also learned a new word: Degloving. Just a hint- it happens after the glove is already removed…

**The safety engineers will have you know that the men's room does not experience enough gassy build-up to qualify as an enclosed space. Given that it's closer to my new cube than my car is, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. 

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