Des Moines Works Tour

Des Moines Works Sign
I got the official tour of my new workplace on Friday. No cameras are allowed on the tour since you get to see behind the manufacturing scenes, so no pictures for me to share. 

The factory was originally built as a munitions plant during World War II. It's been updated almost continuously since then, but it's still a very no-nonsense collection of buildings. John Deere builds Self-Propelled Sprayers, Cotton Pickers and Strippers and Tillage Tools there. 

We got to see the Sprayers being built, which is nothing short of incredible. They move from chassis to a drivable machine in under an hour, and there's a room in the factory where a 125-foot boom can be completely extended to check that all nozzles are working before they leave the factory. 

I was really impressed by the laser cutters, too. I didn't realize it, but many of the parts are actually made on site. Watching the lasers work is like an oversized version of the engraving machines at pet stores, but much, much cooler. But at $1.5 million per laser, I don't think I'll be asking for one for my birthday….

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