The Weather Was Plenty Frightful

Picture 1

So, last week I was supposed to go to Greenville, Tennessee for a quick video shoot.

I will say that I was looking forward to it. I've never been to our Greenville Factory before, and they had just been awarded The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, an award given for excellence in manufacturing processes. 

I managed to get all my clothes, camera gear, tripod, and assorted electronics into carry-on-sized luggage. I even talked myself into leaving my laptop at home for the trip to make everything fit. I breezed through Des Moines airport, got my first flight with no problems, and I was set. 

Except I never got to Greenville. 

There was a message waiting on my cell when I touched down in Memphis. Due to what promised to be some horrendous weather headed to the mountains of Tennessee, they called the shoot. I got to sprint down the A Concourse desperately hoping that there would be a flight back to Des Moines with seats available.

Fortunately for me, flights and seats were available. I even got to talk about balers and tractors with the gentlemen sitting beside me on the way back. 


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