Musical Desk Chairs

So, I got kicked out of my cube today.

Well, not really kicked out.* I had been crashing in the Customer Support Department, and since a new person who actually works in Customer Support is starting this week, he gets the desk near the rest of his team. 

I was going to end up in the Marketing Department, but there's musical desk chairs going on there as well. 

So, instead, since I was on the move any way when the HR Manager changed offices… drumroll… I got an actual office!

I have to admit that I like seeing my name badge there. 

Best part? Actual windows. Sure, I'm just looking at the parking lot, but it's nice to see the sun. 


*Unless you're talking to the guy who asked me to move. Then I'm saying I was forced to move just to give him a rough time. 

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One thought on “Musical Desk Chairs

  1. Wow, a real office? Woot! :O)

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