No Really…You Can’t Miss It


I have been a road warrior lately. Between work trips to Moline and weekend trips to Kansas City, I realized that I spend at least 2 hours in 4 different states in a single day. 

The good news is that I've been driving instead of flying, which means shorter trips and a more flexibility. The downside? I've spent so much time in gas stations that the roller dogs were starting to look good.  

And speaking of gas stations, I do have to admit that I get the biggest kick out of the big gas stations that cater to travelers and truckers, like the I80 Truck Stop. It's got the usual assortment of convenience store items…and a gift shop…and a dentist…and a restaurant…and more gift shops…and a movie theater….and a truckwash….and a museum…and an online store… A coworker even has a $10 hawaiian shirt that was purchased as a gift for him there. 

Ok, it's a zoo. But it's a clean zoo. And there's always a pump open and I've never had a hard time getting back on the Interstate when I'm done.   

I'm still planning to stay away from the roller dogs. 

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One thought on “No Really…You Can’t Miss It

  1. “A coworker even has a $10 hawaiian shirt that was purchased as a gift for him there.” Sorry but I am trying not to envision the quality of that shirt. 😦 You can get affordable Hawaiian shirts from and they are even made in the USA.

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