(Not so) Typhoid Tara

Yellow Fever
As of Tuesday afternoon, I am now officially unlikely to contract typhoid, yellow fever, or hepatitis of any type. Polio, malaria, and a host of other tropical diseases* are still possibilities, but I didn't need to get vaccines for them before my next work trip. 

Oh…did I forget to mention that my next work trip is TO BRAZIL!!!! Sure, I'll be attending meeting while I'm down there, but they'll be meetings IN BRAZIL!!! 

John Deere has quite a few operations in South America, and I'll be traveling down in early February to see one of the factories. I'm especially excited because I may get a chance to see some farms while I'm there. I've heard about some amazing operations there, with the kind of size that would make Manitoba** look like someone's backyard.

Now I just need to figure out how to get a tripod into my luggage….



*Take it from me: searching wikipedia to read about the ways you can die from a mosquito bite is NOT a good thing to do before bed.     

** Well, maybe. I haven't made it to Manitoba yet, either, so this is speculation on my part. 

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