What I’ve Been Doing

So, yes. The work has been keeping me busy. So what have I been doing besides neglecting blog posts?

– Neglecting my yodeling practice

– Scheduling webinars and blogging for work (yeah, that makes me giddy to say!)

– Talking to engineers about feelings (yeah, they loved that)

– Getting stuck in a snow drift in my driveway

– Shoveling myself out of a snow drift in a driveway

– Catching myself saying "hey, it's all the way up to 14 today!"

– Watching a coworker ride a snowmobile to work

– Hoping someone wants to buy a house in Kansas City (anyone? anyone?) 

– Getting ready for a trip to Brazil 

– Did I mention that I'm going to Brazil!? 


So, that's my life. How 'bout you? 

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