John Deere Dealership in Brazil


One of the stops in Brazil was to a John Deere dealership.*


Two interesting things about this picture: 

1. That's a 7185J Tractor. I did a triple-take because we don't sell those here in the US. 

2. That weird bumpy thing sticking up behind it is part of a Sugar Cane Harvester. You CAN get one of those here in the States (we build those in Louisiana) but you don't see anywhere near as many in most of the country.


An entire Sugar Cane Harvester looks like this:


They're massive machines, which they have to be to get through a field. I will write a post with more info about them, but I have to do more homework first. They're not a machine that I know much about. 

This is just a shot of the outside of the dealership building. I loved the murals on the wall.


I did laugh to see these hats in the dealership. In Brazil, Johnny Deere goes by Joaozinho. He seems to be married to a Derinha Combine in their stories, though. Maybe something was lost in translation?



*This shot is actually the front of another Dealership owned by the same group, but I couldn't resist sharing a picture that has tractors, the dealership sign AND palm trees. 

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