A few more pictures from Brazil


The toes of my red cowboy boots holding down my passport with entry stamp. I had to get a Visa to enter Brazil, which was a first for me. I'm now allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 days as long as I don't earn money or attend classes while I'm there. John Deere also promised that I had sufficient funds to get back out of the country, which made my mother happy.


The view from my hotel room. Lime green houses work there, but I don't think I'd try it here in the Midwest. 

A shot out the bus window. It doesn't really do justice to how big some of those fields are.

More sugar cane from a moving bus. Red soil is caused by high iron levels, I think. 

The view from behind our hotel. I can't remember if it's sunrise or sunset though; I'm pretty sure I saw them both during the week. 7 AM meetings are particularly brutal when you're still eating dinner at 9:30 PM. Mix in time zones, and you really need some coffee in the morning. 

We joked that we need a tree like this at Des Moines Works…. 


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