Stand Back! I’m Being Creative!*

Had the kind of day where I felt obligated to apologize to cubemates and unsuspecting passers-by for the strange things I was muttering (ok, yelling).

I some how managed to toss every sheet of paper from one of my overhead bins into uneven stacks on my desk.

I'm in danger of running out of USB ports on a Macbook Pro because I'm trying to charge so many peripherals at the same time.

And don't get me started on the paper clip art that I managed to bend while on the phone.

The creative process ain't pretty, boys and girls.

But hey- I think I had a good idea or two come out of it! 


*Yep, the title is an homage to this XKCD comic. Love, love, love XKCD, even though I don't know regular expressions.


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