We hosted a big meeting at Des Moines Works on Friday. My dotted-line boss's boss gave a presentation to HIS boss, who had flown in from Germany for meetings with factories here in the States. 

When guests come in, the factory gets cleaned and decorated— with farm machines. 

Enjoy the green-and-yellow goodness. 

 A 4630 outside the FFA Center at Des Moines Area Community College.  


2510H in the foreground, and a 7760 Cotton Harvester behind it. The nice thing about John Deere events is that they're kind of hard to miss, even if you're not really sure where you're going.  Just look for the green paint. 


Cotton harvester outside of the visitor's entrance to the factory.  I just had a little point and shoot canon, but I would have loved to get this picture with more focus on the sign.


Equipment display in front of the factory.

I wanted to get a picture of myself standing beside the 7760 so that you could get a sense of how friggen' big they are.  Except, well, when I walked up to get an eye-level picture, I realized all 5'8'' of me (plus heels) could fit underneath with room to spare.  So here's a shot from underneath.*


*just the walkway, with the machine safely parked and all parts locked out. Don't worry, safety folks! 


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