The Big Picture(s)


One of my projects over the past few weeks has been updating the pictures that decorate the factory.

The old pictures had been up for at least 10 years, and they were a combination of equipment we no longer build, various paintings of whitetail deer, and what a friend refers to as "Carhart Art." You know, the farm scenes with dogs and old tractors and kids in overalls…


Some of them were really cool shots and had great considerable nostalgia factor, but they weren't so much showcasing what the factory does today. Plus, they were so old that they still had the old logo.

For new pictures, we went with something a little different and very, VERY big. 

4 feet tall and 6 feet wide kind of big wall clings. 

I apologize for the crappy phone pictures, but they were so cool I just had to share. 



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