Pavilion Photos

I stumbled across some extra pictures from the John Deere Pavilion trip with Flat Stanley

I didn't post them before because Stanley wasn't in the shots, but they're definitely worth sharing. 

Classics. Some are owned by John Deere, and some are just loaned to us for display. 



Display board telling the tractor's story. 

A Waterloo Boy, the original tractors built in our Waterloo Works. We build 7000 Series, 8R Series and 9000 Series Tractors there today. 

A Feller-Buncher from our Forestry Division. This bad boy means business– it was HUUUUGE. 

The view from the cab. Notice what a Feller-Buncher does NOT have? 

There's a decided lack of a steering wheel in there. From what I could tell, you steer the machine with those four pedals on the floor. 

Which leaves your hands free to operate the grindy-gathery-header-deal* with your hands. I don't think they'll be letting me drive one of these any time soon. 

An interactive display about the growing global population. I wish I had thought to shoot some video, because the numbers in the signs were changing FAST. 


*I'm pretty sure that's not the actual name for it…

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