What I’ve Been Doing While Not Posting to My Blog

One of the few downsides of switching to internal communications instead of advertising is that I can't post as many of the projects that I'm working on. They're still fun, but they're much more likely to deal with still-confidential projects than equipment. 

So what have I been up to?

– Shooting video for the next factory all-employee meeting. Doubly fun this time because I spent some of that time tracking down footage of our equipment out running. Yay, mulch rippers!

– Making a table full of hungry executives brainstorm over dinner. Actually, it wasn't as scary as it sounds. They were all willing to be a little silly and have fun, which beats the heck out of being uncomfortable sharing ideas. 

– Field trips to visit customers! You may have noticed that I really, really like hearing from the people running our equipment, both the good stuff and the bad stuff. It reminds me that my job isn't just about arranging pictures of slides. 

– Making plans to take over the world. (No, not really on that one. But I may have thought about it once or twice.)

– Taking a training course on Presentation and Image Skills. I picked up some good pointers, but I did have to laugh at some of the "dress for success" tips because they weren't factory-friendly. They were talking about accessorizing with something other than a bump cap and metatarsals… 

– Planning trips to Moline Seeding and Waterloo Works. Looking forward to both, if only because driving through Iowa is a lot more fun now than in the winter. 



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