Pictures from Waterloo

Finally posting pictures from my Waterloo trip last month. No pictures from the tour, since cameras aren't allowed, but I did get to see some brand new 7R tractors rolling off the assembly line. 

There are actually multiple plants in Waterloo, including one of our last foundries in North America and Power Systems, where we build engines. 

Massively LARGE engines, I will add, built in part by very impressive looking robots. Before you get too impressed with our sophistication, it's worth pointing out that the tour guide did mention that two of the first robots in the factory are commonly referred to as Beavis and Butthead….


We also stopped at the Transmission factory, which is built on the site of the original Waterloo Boy factory. Obviously, it's been worked on a few times since then….

The leaping deer statue out front has been around since before WWII, when it was "borrowed" by employees to protect it from being melted down for the metal. 

The low brown building on the right is one of the original factory buildings. It's used as a training center now. 

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