Tara’s Whirlwind Tour of the Upper Midwest

In all my excitement to post pictures from my last trip, I forgot to explain what exactly the trip involved. 

How about 3 states, 4 hotels, and over 650 miles in a rental car? 

And a few other exciting things like a ride in Deere Force (not the official name), new combines and tractors, and a trip to where they invented the grain drill. 

Did I mention I have an interesting job? 

Leg 1 was a lot of fun. Lots of fun. I got to take one of the company planes from Ankeny, IA (near the Des Moines Works factory) to Fargo, ND (near our Valley City factory). Before you get too impressed, they don't roll out the plane for me- I was tagging along with quite a few other employees. 

We spent two days in Valley City for meetings. The dangerous thing about North Dakota is that it's absolutely beautiful in the summer. So beautiful, you forget that it's absolutely freezing in the winter…  

From there, it was off to Indianapolis for the 2011 New Product Intro. It was quite the show. New Combines, 5 Series Tractors, 6 Series Tractors, 7 Series Tractors and 9 Series Tractors. And new sprayers. And new 4-person Gators.

Did I mention it was quite a show?   


From there, I took off for Horicon, Wisconsin to check out the festivities for the 100th Anniversary of Production in the factory there. The good news is that it was quite an event, and I got to spend time driving through Wisconsin, land of the beautiful red barns. 

The bad news is I got to drive through Chicago. On a Friday. During rush hour. 

And then I got to drive through Milwaukee. On a Friday. During construction.  I was really excited to take off from the Interstate and head back out to the middle of nowhere…

I got lots and lots of classic tractor and lawnmower pictures from the parade, plus some great pictures of the beautiful red barns that were everywhere.

I'm a sucker for a pretty red barn. 

Added Wisconsin bonus- I got to meet Dairy Carrie on my way home! 

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One thought on “Tara’s Whirlwind Tour of the Upper Midwest

  1. Awesome to meet you! So glad you swung in for a quick visit.

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