The Mighty Mississippi

I have to admit that I still get excited every time I see the Mississippi River. Growing up on the East coast, the river has always been linked to Out West to me. We read about it in context of pioneers and settlers, Laura Ingalls and Tom Sawyer. 

Working for John Deere, I spend a decent amount of time in Moline, IL, which is located on the river. I still can't drive across it without getting a little excited. 

There's a path along the river for pedestrians and bikes near the hotel I usually stay in, and I had some time to go for a jog with my camera the last time I was there. 

There were people out rowing and just sitting on the bank, including a couple of preteens who with cigarettes. I had to laugh because they were almost out of sight and obviously trying to hide, but they forgot the fact that it's pretty easy to smell when someone's smoking….

This old bridge crosses from Moline to Rock Island, which has housed a US Military arsenal. It was used as a prison during the American Civil War in the 1860s, and now there's a military museum, cemetery and trails. The arsenal is still operational too. 

I did love the sign post for the trails- fish! 

I had to cut my exploring short and get back for a dinner, but it was a beautiful day for a run and a beautiful day for pictures. Next I just need to figure out how to dip my toes in the Mississippi– preferably before winter sets in!


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One thought on “The Mighty Mississippi

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, Tara. It is good to see photos from my old stomping grounds. I remember that bridge that crosses over to Arsenal Island. Great hiking trails back in there with a lot of history on the island. Hope you are doing well.

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