Project Can Do- Officially Can Done!

It's done! Some amazing volunteers and my dedicated coworkers turned 300,000 cans of food into a life-size canstruction of a new S Series combine. 


The best part is that all of these cans are headed to a local food bank in a few weeks. This is just a temporary (if unusual!) stop for them along the way. 

The outer layer of the combine is made of lots of green veggies (eww!) like spinach and beans. The corn stalks are pumpkin pie mix and lots of beans. The "filler cans" on the inside are a mix of whatever the foodbank needed the most. 

Lots and lots and lots of veggies, pie and beans. Cans actually had to be stress tested to make sure they'd hold the weight of other cans on top of them. 

I love the detail that went into it, including a GreenStar receiver and transport beacons. 

And a John Deere logo and slow-moving vehicle sign. Hey, we're all about safety, even when the combine isn't likely to go anywhere….

I built a Storify story that tracks the project on Twitter and Facebook. The combine will be open to the public for several weeks at the John Deere Pavilion for the next several weeks if you'd like to see in person. 

So proud and impressed with my coworkers for making this happen! 


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