Getting More Good

This post is not ag related (gasp!) although it does stem from a discussion that I had with a coworker recently. Don’t worry- Vertical tillage tools will show up in the next post. Promise!

Got to thinking today about success. More exactly, a tendency to treat it as a binary- either you’re good enough, or you’re not. It’s alarmingly easy to take that to mean that of you have room to get better, it means you aren’t good enough now.

So instead of celebrating our accomplishments, we undermine them by thinking about how we need to do even more. And room to keep growing gets turned into a sign of what we haven’t done instead of something built on what we can do.

Which got me thinking about one thing that I really love about lifting weights- the fact that there is no magic line where you suddenly go from “not lifting enough” to “lifting enough.” There’s just continued room to build on what you can do. When you lift 100 lbs, that doesn’t mean the 75 lbs you lifted several months ago is less of an accomplishment.

It just means you can lift more now.

There’s always something heavier to lift, too. You don’t beat the last boss, win the game and call it quits. There’s always five more pounds or one more rep that you can do later.

And if you fall short of that measure at some point in the future, it doesn’t wipe out the fact that you did it. And it’s something you can do again if you work at it. Sometimes, you can’t do it because you’ve been thinking to hard or pushing yourself too hard and you’ve worn yourself out.

So, grammatical woes aside, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about how we need to improve and get better and start thinking about how we can get more good.

Better is a comparison, and getting better implies ranking. Either you’re better or you’re worse.

More good is all about magnitude. I’m good today, and I’ve got even more good to bring tomorrow. Heck, in the future, I may have so much good going on that people won’t know what to do with it all.

An off day doesn’t set you back to bad or worse. Those are days when you’re good, not more good.

I like being good. Think I’ll enjoy getting more good, too.

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