Not Your Average Consumer

I’ve been seeing lots of post about the new McDonald’s ads in the ag community lately. Some people seem to really like them. Some people seem pretty skeptical. I feel…well-informed?

My very first reaction to seeing those ads was “hey, there’s another Faces-of-Farmers ad!”

My second thought was “hey, if read as many ag publications as I do, almost every face you see in an ad is a farmer’s.”

My third thought was “I can’t even begin to imagine what someone who isn’t part of the ag industry would think of these ads.”

I guess that’s an occupational hazard. When I did write ad copy, farmers were the target audience, and trust me, they would care if I confused a holstein with an angus. They cared if I called alfalfa “grass” instead of “hay.”  And they, like me, were probably checking out the irrigation systems, tractors, and cows in the McDonald’s spots.

On top of that, I was watching things like camera angles and shot composition, critiquing the music selection, and mentally cataloguing what it would take to move these shots from storyboard to finished product. And yes, I did cheer to see the green and yellow tractors.

Ultimately, I think I like the ads, in no small part because I like the farmers in them.

Even more to the point, they got me craving french fries. I guess that means the ads work!

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One thought on “Not Your Average Consumer

  1. It is funny how you look at something differently when it’s what you do for a living and/or are passionate about. I wonder what non-farmers and farmers both think about these ads which I guess is why I wrote my own post about it. I generally like the ads because it’s not often you get to see farms (these seem to be very similar to my farm) in the mainstream culture.

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