Set a World Record? CAN DONE!


Collage of photos creating a picture of the S Series Combine


It’s official, with a press release and everything. Project Can Do, the life-size sculpture of a new S Series Combine built out of canned food, holds the record for being the largest sculpture made from canned goods.

In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records says it more than doubled the previous record.

And all 308,448 cans and 11,268 bags of food went to hungry families in the midwest.

There’s an awesome collage of the virtual cans that John Deere fans created on the John Deere Facebook page.  You can even see my smiling face in one…but I’m not telling you where to find it!


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2 thoughts on “Set a World Record? CAN DONE!

  1. How did you find this? really neat! Thank you for posting it.

    • I found this be being a fan of John Deere on Facebook, but I do know many of the people who worked on the project, whether building the combine or helping with the logistics that went on behind the scenes– and there were lots and lots of logistics.

      My coworkers make me proud to work at John Deere!

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