The Last Rest Stop

Last Rest Stop in Missouri sign on I 35 north

This is, hands down, my favorite sign on I-35 North.

Be careful, everyone! It’s the LAST REST STOP IN MISSOURI!

Which actually isn’t anywhere near as dire as it sounds, as there are several good-sized gas stations, fast food restaurants and even a Wal-Mart between that rest stop and the state line. And a few fireworks stores if you want some gun powder with your bathroom break.

And even then, the next rest stop is only a few miles across the Iowa border.

Still, I get the giggles every time I see it because it somehow implies you’re not going to encounter indoor plumbing ever again. Cows, corn and road kill, sure, but no more bathrooms.

It might was well say “Abandon hope, all ye who enter!” or “Turn back, ye small of bladder!”

And yes, I am a little uncomfortable with my familiarity with bathroom options between Des Moines and KC… and the fact that I know the stops between Des Moines and Moline just as well (I80 truck stop, anyone?)


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