Another Almost-Great Ad

I have to thank a coworker at Deere for sharing this ad. It’s almost a great ad– great concept, beautiful lighting, good copy, green paint.  But there’s just something funny about that tractor.

This is one funny-looking tractor.

Great looking combine, through.


This isn’t the first close-but-not-quite ad that Chevy has run in farm magazines.

To me, it reflects the difference between thinking that you know your target market and really understanding your target market.

In any ways, John Deere is lucky that we’ve had almost 2 centuries to work on our understanding of farmers here in the US. But as the face of farming changes, both here and around the globe, everyone needs to keep learning or run the risk of getting out of touch.

It’s part of the reason I love social media so much. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and 4Square help me connect with farmers around the globe and learn from them.

And I’m starting to learn more and more about turf and construction now, too.

I always try to thank farmers for growing food for me (hey, I love eating!), but I don’t often remember to thank everyone I know through social media for taking the time to help me learn.

Thanks, farmers and turf managers and construction folks. It’s great to know you!


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