Coming to you from Kansas City!

You may have noticed a complete lack of posting around here lately.  I know I’m not the most frequent of bloggers, but no posts in 20 days is a big gap, even for me.

Well, I’ve got a great reason- I’ve been in the process of moving!!

This post is coming to you from Kansas City, not Des Moines. I’m still in the same job for John Deere, I’m just going to be based from a home office. Des Moines is a great city and has been tons of fun, but Kansas City feels like home.

I’ll be back to Iowa quite often for this summer- there are 175th Anniversary parties to plan and attend!

It also means I’ll get to watch #Plant12 turn into growing season and #Harvest12 driving along I-35. It’s so exciting to see plants starting to come up in long green rows.

I also love to watch all the equipment getting shipped up and down the interstate.  I saw 7 Self-Propelled Sprayers on my last drive, and the time before I saw lots of hay tools and rotary cutters.

I’ve got lots of catch-up posts to write, too. I got to visit our turf-care factory in North Carolina in April, and I have been on the hunt for some historic deer statues. And I need to share some really cool news from Brazil.

Stay tuned, everybody. Life is good.

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