Looking for my home away from home

One of the side effects of my new remote work arrangement is that I will be spending lots of time in hotels in Des Moines this summer. Part of it is to make sure the transition to working remote goes smoothly for my coworkers, and part of it is to wrap up some Des Moines-based projects.

The end result is that I’m currently getting to tour the many hotels in the area to find my new home away from home.

As I checked into Contender #3 this evening, it occurred to me that my hotel requirements might be a little odd. So, in no particular order, I decided to blog about the things I check when I get to a new hotel room.

1- Is it safe? That one really isn’t odd, and I don’t worry about it too much since most of the places I travel are near farms. But I do try to stay places where my rental car will still have its tires (and engine and seats and radio) the next morning

2- Is there coffee? In my opinion, hotel coffee should be free, strong and available in rooms. Bonus points if I can get real milk instead of that non-dairy powder stuff. I actually try to avoid one hotel in the QC because they make some of the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. On the other end of the spectrum, a hotel in Kentucky started making coffee half an hour early so that we could get caffeinated before our early-morning call time has won my love forever.

3- Can I plug in my gadgets without unplugging theirs? I’m the girl who travels with her own power strip, so you better believe I take my gadget-charging seriously.

4- How’s the wifi? I’m swearing off a hotel with free beer because the wifi was so unreliable and slow. Convention center hotels that charge for internet connections make me similarly cranky.

5- Can I work out? I don’t need a fancy fitness center. I’ll settle for not getting weird looks if I get stuck doing walking lunges down the hallway. It’s actually potentially embarrassing to stay somewhere with lots of coworkers, as seeing a manager while doing said lunges in said hallway is not exactly the professional aura you want to project. It’s even more embarrassing to get caught in your sweats by someone in a suit.

6- Will they feed me? The way to my heart is through my gadgets, followed closely by my stomach. I’m a sucker for anyone who gives me cookies.

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3 thoughts on “Looking for my home away from home

  1. Jim

    As someone who has traveled extensively for business around the country and have worked remotely 100% of the time for the last 12 years, I’d say look at Residence Inns. In Des Moines specifically Chase Suites in Clive has gotten incredible reviews from my brother who’s a international pilot and travels extensively throughout the world on a weekly basis.

  2. suzschallhorn

    Love this. It completely validates my preference/search for the perfect 2.5 star over a 4 star. 4 star or conference hotel = a la carte. 2.5 star = breakfast w/ reasonable coffee, wifi, maybe an airport or other shuttle, maybe a manager’s happy hour, and two elliptical machines, one of which I get to fight someone over ;-). Happy travels my friend.

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