A bloggy goodbye

Or at least a bloggy goodbye for now. As is probably very apparent by now, I haven’t been posting here much lately.

What happened? Nothing bad, believe me! My job responsibilities have shifted, though, and I’m spending more time focused on internal projects that don’t make for good blog posts.

Even better, I’m getting to write some great content for our internal website, which is lots of fun, but nothing I can share with customers.

So I’m closing things down on the blog for now. Considering all the things that have happened since I first started posting- international travel, new offices, two moves, some big celebrations, and lots and lots of time driving across I80- who knows what might be ahead.

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3 thoughts on “A bloggy goodbye

  1. marc

    I will miss your posts, loved your stories on John Deere.

    • Ryan Keller

      I enjoyed your insider Deere stories And some great photos. It was a search for the autonomous tractor which first led me to your blog. You also posted a fantastic image of a chrome stack on a 6030 that was fantastic. I’d love copy of the original size if I’d be willing to share. It would be for personal use only. If not, no worries! Best of luck to you!

      • Ryan-
        Sorry it took me forever to get back to you on this. Sure- I’d be happy to send it to you. Just shoot me an email at johndeeretara @ gmail and I’ll send it to you this weekend. I wish I knew whose tractor it is so i could credit the person who did the great job restoring it.

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