The Mayor of Nowhere

 So, here’s my latest 4Square “achievement.”

I am am officially now a  local– at the Missouri/Iowa border.

I get a huge kick out of using 4Square when I travel, especially when I get to check in at places like “Rural Roads F and 190” or “A hayfield.” So I decided that I was going to take advantage of my summer travel to become the Mayor of the Missouri/Iowa border.

Not sure how I feel about getting points for checking in three times in a single week along the way.

Wonder if being a local means the cops will let me speed?


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Looking for my home away from home

One of the side effects of my new remote work arrangement is that I will be spending lots of time in hotels in Des Moines this summer. Part of it is to make sure the transition to working remote goes smoothly for my coworkers, and part of it is to wrap up some Des Moines-based projects.

The end result is that I’m currently getting to tour the many hotels in the area to find my new home away from home.

As I checked into Contender #3 this evening, it occurred to me that my hotel requirements might be a little odd. So, in no particular order, I decided to blog about the things I check when I get to a new hotel room.

1- Is it safe? That one really isn’t odd, and I don’t worry about it too much since most of the places I travel are near farms. But I do try to stay places where my rental car will still have its tires (and engine and seats and radio) the next morning

2- Is there coffee? In my opinion, hotel coffee should be free, strong and available in rooms. Bonus points if I can get real milk instead of that non-dairy powder stuff. I actually try to avoid one hotel in the QC because they make some of the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. On the other end of the spectrum, a hotel in Kentucky started making coffee half an hour early so that we could get caffeinated before our early-morning call time has won my love forever.

3- Can I plug in my gadgets without unplugging theirs? I’m the girl who travels with her own power strip, so you better believe I take my gadget-charging seriously.

4- How’s the wifi? I’m swearing off a hotel with free beer because the wifi was so unreliable and slow. Convention center hotels that charge for internet connections make me similarly cranky.

5- Can I work out? I don’t need a fancy fitness center. I’ll settle for not getting weird looks if I get stuck doing walking lunges down the hallway. It’s actually potentially embarrassing to stay somewhere with lots of coworkers, as seeing a manager while doing said lunges in said hallway is not exactly the professional aura you want to project. It’s even more embarrassing to get caught in your sweats by someone in a suit.

6- Will they feed me? The way to my heart is through my gadgets, followed closely by my stomach. I’m a sucker for anyone who gives me cookies.

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Coming to you from Kansas City!

You may have noticed a complete lack of posting around here lately.  I know I’m not the most frequent of bloggers, but no posts in 20 days is a big gap, even for me.

Well, I’ve got a great reason- I’ve been in the process of moving!!

This post is coming to you from Kansas City, not Des Moines. I’m still in the same job for John Deere, I’m just going to be based from a home office. Des Moines is a great city and has been tons of fun, but Kansas City feels like home.

I’ll be back to Iowa quite often for this summer- there are 175th Anniversary parties to plan and attend!

It also means I’ll get to watch #Plant12 turn into growing season and #Harvest12 driving along I-35. It’s so exciting to see plants starting to come up in long green rows.

I also love to watch all the equipment getting shipped up and down the interstate.  I saw 7 Self-Propelled Sprayers on my last drive, and the time before I saw lots of hay tools and rotary cutters.

I’ve got lots of catch-up posts to write, too. I got to visit our turf-care factory in North Carolina in April, and I have been on the hunt for some historic deer statues. And I need to share some really cool news from Brazil.

Stay tuned, everybody. Life is good.

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Fight Fire with Tractors

A friend from North Dakota shared these videos of rural communities pulling together. It’s a ballet of big machines coming together to move bales away from a fire.

These guys make it look easy, but anyone who has ever seen me try to operate a loader will know that it takes a lot of practice to do things this smoothly.

Rural communities are amazing, and seeing people who buy John Deere equipment in action makes me extra proud to work for the company.

Language is a bit colorful (understandable under the circumstances!) so be careful with speakers at work.

Tractors Fighting Fire (part 1)

Tractors Fighting Fire (part 2)

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175 Years of Memories (including yours!)

 Got a John Deere story you’d like to share? Well, now’s the time to do it.

In honor of the company’s 175th Anniversary, the John Deere team is collecting customer memories and stories on the John Deere Facebook page. There’s also (surprisingly difficult!) John Deere trivia and new 175th Anniversary wallpapers that you can download.

I’ll have lots of 175th pictures and stories to post over the summer, I hope. It’s shaping up to be busy but lots and lots of FUN!

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A look back, a look ahead

The Pavilion renovation had a great combination of history and innovation. I only stopped in for a few minutes on a lunch break, but I could spend lots more time taking pictures there!

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